Countdown to the Publication of the Starlight Letters

Countdown to the Publication of the Starlight Letters

Monday, October 26, 2009

Paranormal Activity

This film is making much news as of late. As a matter of personal policy, I don't go to theatres to view a film that deals with such topics. I often am driven mad by false pretense and inaccurate plot lines to the point of venting verbally. I have been asked to leave several establishments over the years. At home, I can judge for myself the merits of such artistic endeavors. There are great classics in the paranormal genre.

This new film, Paranormal Activity, has caught the attention of many. I have heard from colleagues in the field that the film is well worth the exorbanent price of admission. There is also a rumor swirling through the ghost hunting community that some of the scenes might actually be real. That prospect, no matter how suspect, is intriguing.

I might see this film soon. I shall let you know.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Ghost of a Show

I saw a new ghost hunting show last night and although they tested, somewhat successfully, a hypothesis I had put forth on this blog, I found the program rather boring and lacking focus. As if blood had dripped from the ceiling, they danced like excited school children at the prospect of a single EVP. Not to mention they seem to have been fooled by a speaker that was impossible (so they owner said!) to inspect. Their investigation was not thorough enough for me, though they were able to obtain some evidence of the paranormal.

The world is often cast in a burnt orange hue, concealing the dark shadows that swirl around us, watching us, waiting for us, consuming us. Beyond the ravages of ghosts, bad TV can be just as aggressive and unhealthy for us all.

Dr. James Starlight

Sunday, October 18, 2009


In a pharmaceutically induced state, I was able to draw enough neuronic power to craft a theory in regards to ghosts. We know that ghosts draw power from the atmosphere, from batteries, and from other electronic power sources. I propose they also draw power from humans. This would explain why people often feel uneasy and dizzy. Perhaps their subconscious mind is aware of the power drain and this is what triggers a fear response before there is any conscious reason for them to be afraid. The hair stands up on the back of their neck and their skin crawls with goose-flesh. All of this could be a result of the dead stealing power from the living.

Dr. James Starlight

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The World of Ghosts

I am back!

My accident last spring has caused much pain and suffering. I thought I was on the road to recovery -- but alas, no!

Three more surgeries, physical therapy, and drugs that incapacitated my mind stole precious time from my fight. But I am back!

There are many ghosts in hospitals, you know. They roam the halls and try to communicate while you groggily slurp the remains of stale jello from a small plastic cup.

I am alive. They are dead. I will win.

Dr. James Starlight

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ghosts of Age...

I have seen many ghosts. I have seen the ephemeral forms of friends and family who have crossed into the netherworld, and I have seen the manifestation of the dead whom I knew not in life.

A curious thing, seeing the dead. I never realized it until recently that of the ghosts of friends and family I have seen, most were not manifestations of their bodies as they were when they died. My Uncle -- even my parents as recently as April of this year -- were considerably younger as entities. It makes me wonder if ghosts get to choose which year of their life to reveal to the world of the living. Perhaps not all ghosts of children are truly ghosts of children who died a tragic death, but rather ghosts of adults who instead chose to reveal their spirits as they were at a younger age.

My mind has twisted this possibility even further. Perhaps children whose lives are cut short may still present their potential adult spirit form when they manifest.

I shall think further on this issue. Please tell me if you have similar thoughts.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Visitors From Beyond

My physical therapist, whom I presume to maintain a secret identity as a Dominatrix at night and on weekends, tortured me all week. It seems I may never walk without a visible impairment. She wears a t-shirt that says "No Pain, No Gain". I have lived much of my life pain free and have gained quite a lot of knowledge and experience. Her shirt is a lie.

I do realize she is there to assist in my transition from injured to healthy -- if that is ever possible, but I must project my pain-fueled anger onto someone and the one causing most of my current pain seems a logical target.

But this thought of transition has piqued my curiosity. When my parents' ghosts visited me in the hospital, were they there to help me transition from the living to the dead? Perhaps my moment of death was never to be the accident, but some other fate that is close at hand and their visit was merely coincidental. I will keep a record of all the ghosts who visit me. Those of friends and family will garner special attention.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Haunted Hospital

When I was coming out of a painkiller-induced stupor, I had a couple of visitors to my bedside. My parents. My father died in 1984 and my mother in 1998. Yes, I readily agree that this vision could have been directly attributed to the powerful narcotics pulsing through my veins, melding my consciousness into some sort of surreal dreamworld. But this vision was seamlessly sewn into a visit by a nurse. I confirmed with her later that she did indeed come into my room at that moment.

My parents stood by my bedside. My father was wearing a dark blue suit -- not the one we buried him in. My mother wore her best flowery Sunday dress -- the one we DID bury her in. My father asked how I was feeling. Mother just looked upon my face with motherly concern as she placed a cold hand on my face.

I told them that I was in great pain, but that I was alive and that I would recover. They both smiled and nodded. Then my father looked toward the door and said they had to go. And in that instant, they faded away, replaced by a swinging door and a nurse coming to check on me.

This was not my only experience. I also sensed that many of the people I saw wandering around the corridors as an orderly wheeled me to another painful bout with the physical therapist were really dead. They had a far away look in their eyes. The hospital gowns they wore barely hung on their flaccid bodies. I once asked an orderly if he knew the man wandering the hall in front of us, but he seemed not to seen anyone before us. However, he did manage to miss all of them -- of course, none appeared to be directly in our way.

I suspect many dead wander the halls of hospitals. What a treat it would be to investigate in an active hospital.

That is all for now. I shall post later this week after physical therapy.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back from the Brink

I do apologize for not writing in my blog sooner, but I was rather incapacitated. On April 23rd, I was involved in a car accident with a dear friend. He was driving and I was the passenger. He took a sharp corner at an unsafe speed and we slipped off the roadway, crashing into a tree -- not head-on, but with my door. And my arm. And my ribs. And my leg.

My good friend suffered only a few bruises. I, on the other hand, had broken my humerus in two places, cracked four ribs, deflated one lung, and fractured my femur. Unfortunately, I did not injure my head, so I was not granted an unconscious reprieve from the deep agony of my broken body. I have spent the past two months in traction and physical therapy, a whole new agony.

I am home now, under the watchful, caring eye of my daughter. And I have a new laptop from which I will continue to post on this blog. I will attempt to post at least once per week, working around physical therapy and the pain, of course.

Oh, I do not intend to be so melodramatic. I am alive. I survived the accident and my good friend who drove that fateful day is still my good friend. But he will never again be my chauffeur.

I had some experiences in the hospital that those who seeks ghosts might be interested. I shall post later this weekend.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ghosts in My Room

The ghosts are coming more frequently now. They seem unafraid and quite daring. My doctor believes I need an adjustment in medication. I believe I need more cellophane.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Seasonal Ghosts

It has long been felt that ghosts tread through the world of the living when nights are longer and the temperature is cool. From Halloween to the Winter Solstice, ghost hunters explore the old houses and cemeteries looking for spirits. But, myself, I have found no real difference between winter and summer when it comes to finding ghosts. In fact, there seems to be more activity in summer. This may be due to the fact that summer air is warmer -- heat, like electromagnetic frequencies, is energy. This energy can be used by ghosts much in the same way. From late spring to summer, the air can also be charged with ions as thunderstorms roll in. All of this gives energy ghosts use to move furniture, speak to the living, manifest themselves, and harm all of us.

Don't wait for winter; hunt now.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hunted by Ghosts

I watched a particularly intriguing episode of Ghost Hunters last night. I must admit, I do prefer this group to the international group. One aspect of last night's episode that I could not shake from my mind has to do with electromagnetic frequency. One of the methods the teams use to debunk hauntings is the presence of man-made electromagnetic frequencies, such as that coming from wiring or other electric media. When such things are not present, electromagnetic frequencies (or EMF, as I am loath to call it), typically signify that a ghost is there.

My question about this hypothesis is: why does man-made electromagnetic frequency rule out the presence of ghosts? I should think that ghost hunters look in places where electromagnetic frequencies occur -- man-made or not. I imagine such places are swimming with spirits. Ghost hunters should then put away their electromagnetic frequency detectors and use other methods to ferret out ghosts.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Clothes with Spirit

I went art shopping with a friend. After finding many over-priced pieces of art in stores and in a mall, he told me that he often has better luck finding art in Goodwill stores. I didn't think it possible, but was proven wrong. He found three nice, original pieces of art -- not the works of famous artists, of course, but good pieces. While he sought art, I was drawn to the clothing section. There, hanging just below a row of suits and shirts were two dark legs hanging down. I walked over to inspect more closely and discovered I had seen a ghost. For a small fraction of a moment, there was a man hanging in a suit on the rack of other clothes. I saw his face -- round with acne on the forehead. He looked forty years of age and was a drinker as evidenced by his bright red nose. I don't know how he died, but it may have been suicide. He looked deeply depressed. It occurred to me there in Goodwill that I was likely surrounded by many ghosts. All the things there had once been worn, used, or played with by others -- some of whom are dead. Imagine all the lives imprinted on those inanimate objects. I don't think I could ever shop there knowing what I now know. This is why I do not go to estate sales. Too much death; too many ghosts.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Grand Ghost Hunt

Sorry for not posting the past 12 days, but I was on holiday at my brother's home in Washington state. My brother, though at times boring and somewhat degenerate proved to be a most wondrous host. My brother and I mended old wounds and conversed in a pleasant manner. What shocked me most was the fact he had a deep interest in ghosts and ghost hunting. My brother admired my pursuits after all.

Our first ghost hunt took place in a small historic cemetery. Myself, I thought the bodies in the graves to be too old to warrant investigation; I desired a modern cemetery with fresh bodies. But, it was the first time my brother had suggested we go on a ghost hunt together and I would have been remiss to complain. Indeed, we had a wonderful time. Although most of the ghosts in the cemetery were old and decrepit, we still gave chase and had a tremendous time doing so. We hunted ghosts until dawn.

We relived our pursuits for a few days before my brother revealed a hypothesis he had created through observation. He told me of three haunted houses on one street in his small town. The street ran along a small stream. My brother hypothesized that water was somehow connected to paranormal activity. It was a glorious idea and I immediately plotted how we could test his proposal. First, I wanted to visit each of the three haunted houses to confirm they were indeed haunted. The first house was lived in by a young couple with no children and a single ghost they referred to as "The Boy". He was called such because it seemed as though he always wanted to play. The young husband's baseball and mitt were often moved from known locations. Giggling could be heard coming from the small second bedroom at night. It was an intriguing case and my brother and I were allowed entry into the home for investigation. It was a revelation. All night we chased "The Boy" from room to room. He created cold spots, moved small objects in rooms and even touched my brother. He was in front of us all night, yet out of reach.

The owners of the other two houses were not so welcoming. We could not investigate them, but we did observe paranormal phenomenon by peeking through windows late at night and by listening through walls.

I discussed with my brother the possibility that other homes on this street could be haunted and I told him that this could be the only way to confirm his hypothesis. So I visited three other houses on the street to inquire the residents therein about any paranormal happenings. Two dismissed me right away -- obviously under possession from the very ghosts I sought. The third home I was allowed inside, but after a brief conversation that unfortunately settled on my recent hospitalization (I believe my mind was compromised by a ghost) I was asked to leave. Though we were not allowed to investigate these homes, I believe I collected enough data to prove my brother's hypothesis. There is a connection between paranormal activity and water.

I arrived home this afternoon. Though tired from a long bus ride, I took only a small nap before waking to post. I am still so excited I doubt I will sleep much at all tonight.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Seeking Knowledge

To understand ghosts, one must understand death. But to fully understand death, one must die. This is problematic for the ghost hunter. There are many directions one may go when trying to understand the inner workings of the universe. Space stretches infinitely out, while microscopic study of nuclei and beyond falls infinitely smaller. Nearly all space, outer and inner, is unknown and unmapped by us. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in these mysterious regions. Two other hiding places we must search are time and other dimensions. One day, perhaps, science will be up to the task. Until then, we ghost hunters must persevere and collect the evidence of ghosts. Let the physicists decide how it is they exist.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fibers in the Carpet

Often, Gartho sheds hair and drips his essence on the carpet. His odor lingers long after he has passed a room. This curious fact has made me wonder, could the essence of ghosts be trapped in the carpet and textiles, knotted and twisted in the fibers only to be released when we pass. To this end, I have ripped the carpet out of my bedroom. My daughter hasn't discovered this yet, but I am certain when she knows the facts she will accept my decision.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ghost Hunters International

I must say, my favorite of the ghost shows is simply "Ghost Hunters". Ghost Hunters International, while entertaining and somewhat informative, seems to lack chemistry and substance. I was driven mad several times by investigators attempting to gather electronic voice phenomena by speaking in English to ghosts that might not understand that language. Of course, who is to say that language really matters in the great beyond, yet, they unabashedly made requests in their own tongue without thought that this may be a futile effort. Overall, I still enjoyed each show -- I slept in this morning!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Free Time

I despise the oval ball game. Today, my daughter is hosting a Super Bowl party. I let my displeasure be known (especially with a ghost show marathon on at the same time) and she relented to give me access to her bedroom where I could 1. watch her television and 2. use her laptop. How wonderful! I should skulk and complain more often. I will continue observing the television program dedicated to ghosts and I shall report back later.

I must apologize. I had an appointment with my doctors in Napa on Friday and my daughter decided we should remain in the area for the evening. We didn't return until the hour was late, so I retired without posting. This blog is important to me. It is my lifeline to a world I am only just beginning to understand.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ghost Hunting on Television

I watched a tremendously entertaining television series last night: Ghost Hunters International. Though the group committed a comedy of errors and missed quite a few ghosts, I must say, I LOVED it! Several times I could make out ghostly shadows and hear voices of the dead emanating from the speakers of my television, but the "hunters" did not see or hear. They must be more perceptive if they are to catch a ghost! It was great fun to see how they used their equipment -- special cameras, digital voice recorders, etcetera -- to hunt elusive spirits. Of course, a technologically savvy ghost can manipulate such equipment, which is why I do not trust such devices. This is why the only tools in my ghost hunting tool kit are my eyes, ears, skin, and brain. It is all one ever needs to catch a ghost.

But still, Here! Here! to the Ghost Hunters International!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Starlight Letters

I am a ghost, though I am not sure I am dead. The world looks a strange bluish hue and I cannot feel my limbs. I hear whispers swirling about me -- voices that seem so familiar, but recognition is just beyond my grasp. I may be dead. I may be a ghost.

Thus begins the first chapter of the Starlight Letters.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Haunted Monday

It has been a long, difficult day. Nurse Edna tried to nourish me, but failed miserably. The woman spends much of her day on her cellular phone and it made me wonder, could ghosts be in our machines? I have investigated haunted houses, haunted cars, haunted trains, haunted boats, even a haunted motorcycle, but could ghosts haunt a phone or a computer? Perhaps it will take someone who was technically savvy in life that has the ability to exploit such systems in death. I am curious to know if other ghost hunters have investigated such hauntings.

I shall read a good book and retire early tonight.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Smell of Death

Humans are not the only ones that transform into deathly beings at the end of life. All life has this potential -- birds, dogs, scorpions, cats, horses, snakes, fish -- all life. Today I was tormented by an aggressive skunk ghost. I would walk to the living room and suddenly be overtaken by the pungent scent of skunk -- yet no skunk was inside the house. In the bathroom, later in my bedroom -- even at the store; the scent followed me everywhere. I was being tracked by the wicked spirit of a skunk. I wondered if perhaps I had hastened the end of this animal's life -- but I no longer drive. Of course, my daughter could have hit one without my knowledge as we returned from the restaurant last night. I did drift off to sleep for a few moments. Or we could have passed near the skunk just after its death, my subconscious mind, napping in the car, may have attracted it.

Another fear is that the human ghosts use animal ghosts to do their bidding. Could this be another attempt to capture me by my old friend? I shudder to think of the possibilities. I must focus on finding the answer -- I see another chapter in the Starlight Letters.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Saturday Night...

My daughter took me out to dinner tonight. I had an extremely good time. The waiter seemed as though he could have been under the influence of a ghost, but I ignored the incursion for my daughter. I should plan a return visit when I could remove the ghost's hold on the young man. Tonight was all about my daughter. I brought Gartho several scraps from the table. He was a very pleased puppy.


Friday, January 23, 2009

The Truth About Ouija Boards

There are skeptics who claim that the planchette of a Ouija Board is controlled by the living beings interacting with it. There are believers who suggest that a Ouija Board opens a doorway to hell which lets demonic forces enter our world.

My thoughts are more similar to the skeptics than the believers. I don't believe there are demonic spirits -- all spirits have an unwelcome temperament. And I do concur that the planchette is moved by the contractions of muscles within the hands of those using it -- but those movements are subconscious. Tie a string to a small object, like a crystal or a fishing weight, and swing it forward and backward, mentally telling yourself this means "yes", then side to side, telling yourself this means "no." Then ask the Universe a yes or no question. Before long, you will notice the weight will swing in one of the two directions -- all without your awareness that YOU are controlling the swing of the weight. Again, this is a subconscious act. Why is this important and what does it have to do with ghost hunting? Because it is how we fish for ghosts. Subconscious acts are created beyond our minds, they emanate from the soul. As the covert signals travel from the soul to our bodies, tiny vibrations radiate out into the cosmos. These vibrations attract ghosts.

If you have used a Ouija Board for more than two hours, ghosts will be present. They will not be able to move the planchette because you are touching it. Have everyone sit back about four feet from the board and ask a question to the room. You might be surprised at what happens next.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Haunted Rooms -- An Answer

I have slayed the dragon. The answer came to me in a rush as I awoke this morning. The answer lies in the ghost's life and death. When one dies a violent death, I believe cosmic forces from beyond tie them there forever. As a secondary force, I believe that those who live a long life, full of emotional swings, create their own bond to a place that remains long after death. I do believe that these twisted souls have the power to break the bond they created, but are usually unwilling to do so.

The Starlight Letters continue to grow.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Haunted Rooms

I've been thinking often about haunted rooms. Why do some incarnates remain in a single room, or a single domicile? Are they tethered there by some force as yet known? Or do they remain as a course of habit? It beguiles me; it truly does. The intent of all ghosts is to do harm, to wreak carnage upon us all. So why are their powers so limited? Of course, not all ghosts prescribe to this behavior. Some walk freely among us and perhaps travel far and often. But for those who do not, I have no hypothesis to test. I shall put forth all my efforts of concentration to break this stalemate of reality. When I have reached enlightenment, I shall report back.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Residual Ghost

What is a residual haunting? Many ghost hunters agree that a residual haunting is just a scene from the past played back by an unknown trigger in the environment, like a movie from beyond the grave. They believe what is observed is not a ghost at all. Rubbish! If you observe a ghost, you have observed a ghost! Ghosts often repeat movements and ignore living people. Why? Because they do not know they are dead! With tunnel vision they go on with their existence, ignoring clues all around them that belie their situation. This is what ghosts do!

And why are electronic voice phenomena not considered a component of a residual haunting? Can't words be played as easily by the environment as images? Ghost hunters believe that EVPs are interactive -- the ghost is talking to me! Yet they do not consider that a ghost must consume large quantities of ambient energy just to manifest itself. The act of becoming visible is, in itself, interactive.

The physical manifestation of a ghost is but one part of the larger whole. While one is mindlessly recording the residual ghost, perhaps it is affecting their judgement, the environment around them, or their equipment. Did the temperature just drop? What was that rapping sound? Why are the batteries suddenly dead? The ghost interacts after all!

All hauntings are intelligent, some ghosts are just more so than others.


A Spirited Tuesday

I am in great spirits! Today it will be Nurse Wilson! The fog in my room is now lifted and there is promise, once again, that the dark forces that have been against me for so long will subside. My war with ghosts shall go on and I will prevail!

My mind is now open and charged -- I so look forward to the day. I have the Starlight Letters in my lap and an idea is taking shape. I believe I will add another chapter this morning. Yes, it is all so clear -- a new way of thinking about ghosts. Why had I not thought of this before?

I will give a brief synopsis of my idea when I finish putting words to paper.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Haunted Toys

One particular investigation from my early years in the mid 1980s was of a small house in Woodland, California. The owners of the home, I'll call them Mr. and Mrs. Smith, had a four year old girl. The little girl claimed that some of her dolls walked all by themselves when the lights went out. She never actually saw them walk, but the location of the dolls changed from evening to morning. Mr. and Mrs. Smith felt the girl was moving them herself, but wanted me to investigate to confirm or deny this. It was an intriguing idea. The intent of most ghosts is to harm and alter life for the worst, yet here we have ghosts at play. Are ghosts capable of playing? Or was there a darker intent, one which required the guile and intellect of an investigator to discover?

I never saw the dolls move, but I did record the locations of the dolls once she fell asleep. I laid awake on her floor for several nights. And while I never saw or heard the dolls move, their location had changed as much as six feet by dawn. Because they did not believe their daughter, it was difficult to make them believe my report. I saw clearly what the ghosts were doing. Pitting a child against her parents was a ruthless tactic, one that promised to shape and mold the young child's mind as she grew older, evolving into a mean, cynical woman who could trust no one.

I was able to help the parents see this, and soon things went back to normal for them. The dolls stopped moving and I had new data for the Starlight Letters.


The Mystic Dance of Fire

Man's obsession with fire reaches far back into the dawn of life when he first encountered the heated glow of flames. The flames themselves, caused by the release of gases, mostly carbon, are incandescent (this, of course, is an over-simplified description). Fire is something else, too; it is evidence of a haunting. The release of carbon is precipitated by cosmic vibrations caused by the presence of one or more spirits -- either spirits in the material being burned, or perhaps spirits who died in a fire and are eternally attracted to the chemical reaction of flames. When you see flames flickering over charred wood, flashing orange, yellow, your are watching ghosts dance. Be very careful. They would love to cause harm to you and your property.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

On Death's Door

Sometimes I fear that my death is just around the corner. I have sensed visitations of late from friends and family that have passed. It makes me wonder, what kind of ghost will I be? Will I be malevolent? Or will I possess enough goodness and understanding to continue the fight? I wonder all the time. I will miss my daughter. I have always missed my wife.


Friday, January 16, 2009


Many have come to assume that poltergeist activity is caused by a young woman who is near to having, or had recently had her first menstruation. They claim that the young woman is unaware she is causing the activity and that it is based on psychokinesis.

Hogwash! Poltergeist activity is caused by ghosts! Specifically, one recent, very strong apparition, or several ghosts at once. For the young woman hypothesis to be true, every single recorded poltergeist incident must be in a home occupied by a young woman. There are several cases where there was no girl living in or near the area of activity.

Some paranormal investigators who stumble upon a haunted location that is wrought with crashing objects and sliding furniture -- the kind of activity assigned to "poltergeists" -- correctly presume it is just a noisy ghost if there is no young woman present. But it is the same activity! The same investigator would blame the activity on a young woman were one living there, "typical poltergeist activity", they would say.

Hogwash! Hogwash! We walk through a world infested with ghosts. They are everywhere and cause all bad things to happen. They make you cut your chin as you shave; they make you yell at your daughter; they make the toast burn in the toaster; they bring Nurse Edna to me again and again; and they make your wife initiate an affair with a young man. Ghosts are our enemy.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Strike!

I made a most distressful discovery this morning. Gartho's protective cellophane was not on his head when I awoke! It is unknown how long he has been unprotected and I fear my new nemesis has taken him. I replaced the cellophane on his head and he recoiled from its touch -- a sign that there is a ghost in him! I shall watch him carefully throughout the day.

Oh, terrible, terrible day. Nurse Edna again. What shall I do?


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Dead Come to Visit

My old friend's spirit paid me a visit this afternoon. He stole me from a vital nap and raked his ice-cold fingers down my spine. I recoiled in an instant of blind shock before regaining my senses. He tried to enter my mind, but the cellophane prevented his aggression. It was a successful tactic to use in my private war with ghosts and my personal battle against the malevolent spirit of an old, dear friend.

It has been a difficult day. I think I will retire early tonight. But I will secure the cellophane on my head and Gartho's head before turning in.


Water of Life

I have found through experimentation and deep analytical thought that tap water is by far the safest method of hydrating ones self. The thin plastic that sheaths water in a bottle is a weak barrier against the forces of spirits. Tap water, on the other hand, spends much of its time underground -- a place ghosts do not like for most are buried there. PVC is much thicker and provides a stronger defense against ghostly permeations. I will drink no ghost for it is kin to having the enemy parachute behind your lines.

My daughter despises tap water and regularly consumes vast quantities of spirit-laced liquid. Ha-ha! I should say, water possessed by ghosts! She also consumes the other "spirited" water.

Last night, a break through. I have added a small chapter to the Starlight Letters!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Call from the Past

My daughter's mother--my ex-wife--called today. Usually, she does not wish to share words with me, but today she requested a consult. It was difficult to hear her through the cellophane and over the terrible shrieking of ghosts that have controlled her since that fateful summer day. I did hear some of her words and there was a distinct point she attempted to make. She insisted that I was frightening our daughter and that I must act rationally.

It was the most absurd characterization I have ever heard. This coming from a woman who has been possessed since 1988. I did what any decent man would do in such a position, I politely requested to speak to the ghost that was controlling her. But the ghost did not wish to speak to me in his own voice. Instead, he unfurled a barrage of vile in the mask of her voice in an attempt to harm me. But I knew it was him and that I had pierced his defense. He was cornered and I lashed back. But he severed the connection before I could destroy him.

It was a battle I must learn from.


Ghost Hunting Partner

Alas, I received word this morning that an old ghost hunting friend has passed on. I fear he will visit me and try to steal my mana. He was a friend in life, but now an enemy in death. He knows too much about the ways of the Starlight Letters and he might find a defense he can pass on to other disembodied spirits. I must be extremely vigilant for he may pose the greatest threat of all. A good trick I learned in Maryland is to wrap cellophane over ones head. The plastic membrane makes it more difficult for ghosts to swipe your mind. I have had my head wrapped for an hour now. My daughter would not join me in this protective endeavor. She is making a foolish mistake. The cellophane on Gartho seems to make him uncomfortable, but he will endure. I shall wear my protective covering for three days. By the fourth day, my old friend's spirit will have lost some of his power and I will not need such protection.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Creeping Fog of Death

The mist rolls in, covering everything in a drab, lifeless gray. The fog is a living being propelled by dead things. Ghosts move the fog to steal our mana, cause harm, and end life. Death surrounds us here in the central valley. It has been a very gray day.

Nurse Edna

I detest Nurse Edna. I prefer Nurse Wilson, but she is not always available to me. Today it will be Nurse Edna. The woman can't make a sandwich, let alone help me through a distressful moment. Nurse Wilson is a fabulous cook and a nurturing health professional. I think the ghosts have gotten to Nurse Edna. It will be a long, tortuous day.

I shall read my books and prepare for a grand ghost hunt.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Cost of Ghost Hunting

For many, the cost of ghost hunting is prohibitive. Digital movie cameras, EMF detectors and the like are very expensive. But I ghost hunt the old fashioned way. I have my own skill set and tool kit -- one that is self contained within the boundaries of my skull. My brain is what I use to seek out and destroy ghosts. And I am successful.

When a person dies, their energy does not leave this planet. They are left alone in a cold, dark world. The longer they fester here, the more aggressive they get. They find little openings in our minds and hearts; they discover the weaknesses in our machines and they exploit us all. They are out to destroy us. So my call to arms is to make the first strike. I shall find them first, and I will destroy them.


Saturday, January 10, 2009


Last night I learned a most difficult lesson. Ghosts can be very cunning. I slipped into the night to seek out ghosts in the local cemetery while my daughter was out for the evening. But, in retrospect, I was lured there by the very ghosts I was seeking. They toyed with me as if I were a child. Several times I felt as if I were close, and at times that I had them. But they were luring me further and further away. Time slipped away from me and soon it began to look light.

I was walking alongside Interstate 5 when a policeman pulled over in front of me. He asked a few vague questions that I believe I answered reasonably. But the ghosts persuaded him to arrest me. I was taken to jail where my daughter was summoned from an alcoholic slumber at an unreasonable hour to take me home. I don't believe they pressed any charges.

CAREFUL! I MUST BE CAREFUL. I will not forget this lesson. I will seek and search from the magical portal of the internet. I can summon, discover, and destroy them from here.

Although terribly upset, my daughter did release one gleam of hope. She said I should think about acquiring my own computer. But where to find the money to do so? I could sell my tome, the Starlight Letters. But they are more valuable than all the gold and diamonds in the world. No one could afford them.

I must come up with a plan.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Black Night

The moon is nearly full. Ghosts are out to play. Perhaps my daughter is playing with one or two right now? I don't know. The darkness that ghosts bring to our lives may have pushed her to depths she can no longer return from.

I should think that ghosts hide in a cemetery on nights such as this. Perhaps that is what I shall do. I will sneak out to capture ghosts where they live, where they lie in wait.

I will report back when I can.


Afternoon Escape

My nurse left to pick up lunch, so I am free! Free to explore the world inside my daughter's computer. I wander from site to site. I am completely charged by the advances in computer technology the past fifteen years. Everything is so fast, so accessible. This is what makes ghosts so powerful. Ghosts are online with us all the time. They sometimes force me go to sites I shouldn't. They even put an evil electronic virus on my daughter's computer, one that made the evil sites pop up again and again and again. I had to take my medicine early that day.

I must be careful. I HAVE to be careful. I don't want them to take me away from my daughter's house. At least here I have some measure of freedom. I shall remain strong and I shall remain free.

The ghosts will not get me, for I know they are there.


Morning Haunts

My daughter has forbidden my use of her computer. But each morning I am able to log on while she is in the bathroom and explore the electronic ether for new information and ideas that will help me perfect the Starlight Letters. I also get to post on this blog. My daughter has a blog, something about native plants. The ghosts have gotten to her, just like they got to her mother and all those years ago.

But ghosts! They are the reason for my passion. They are the reason I created the Starlight Letters. I am a ghost hunter, a ghost destroyer.

The blow dryer. I have no time. I shall post later tonight.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ghost Hunting

I am a ghost hunter. I find them; I destroy them. Some kindly exorcise them, or gently send them on their way to the great light. I destroy them. They deserve no kindness -- especially from me. How do I destroy them? You will have to read the Starlight Letters to find out. I have perfected the method. I have found the key. I know how to destroy them.

My superior puppy, Gartho, named after a Roman soldier who was executed for stealing a goat from a General's wife, sees ghosts as well. He is a seeker, like me. Together, we seek out those who have died and refuse to leave our world. He is my companion. When I have food, I share it. When he has food, he rarely does. I do not fault him for that because he cannot defend himself from the evil ghosts cause.

I have to take my medicine.


Ghosts are Everywhere!

That's right. They are all around us. I know because I see them all the time, everywhere I go. I have led several paranormal investigations and have collected enough data that will convince the most stonewalled of skeptics that ghosts are real. I transformed this raw data into a beautiful, elegant, rich narrative. I have created the Starlight Letters. I wrote them several years ago, but they were taken from me, by the orderly with bad teeth, I think. But I have them back now. They are mine and mine alone. Shall I show them to you? I think not. They are much too valuable for public display. I suppose the only way I could foresee the Starlight Letters being on display would be with the same security that is used to protect the Mona Lisa. Do you think the Louvre would let me switch out the famous painting with my letters? Ha-ha!

Until then, heed my words. Ghosts are everywhere and they cause all bad things.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Late Night Thoughts

I see that I am posting alone. Where are my fellow bloggers? It's perfect, actually. I strive to be alone; to talk when no one is there; to sleep when I have no bed; and to type words that will be read by no one.

I need to take my medicine.

Will I see you tomorrow?


The World as it Is

Hello Everyone,

I am James Starlight and I am here to save you. I know why you sometimes have a bad day, or why you suddenly become sick. I know why your wife cheated on you with that neighbor boy and why you get headaches at night. I know why because I have seen them. They are ghosts. Yes, that's right, ghosts. Ghosts have caused all the ills that have torn humanity asunder. I am James Starlight, PhD, and I will help you.

Please join me on this journey and together we will reach salvation.