Countdown to the Publication of the Starlight Letters

Countdown to the Publication of the Starlight Letters

Friday, February 20, 2009

Grand Ghost Hunt

Sorry for not posting the past 12 days, but I was on holiday at my brother's home in Washington state. My brother, though at times boring and somewhat degenerate proved to be a most wondrous host. My brother and I mended old wounds and conversed in a pleasant manner. What shocked me most was the fact he had a deep interest in ghosts and ghost hunting. My brother admired my pursuits after all.

Our first ghost hunt took place in a small historic cemetery. Myself, I thought the bodies in the graves to be too old to warrant investigation; I desired a modern cemetery with fresh bodies. But, it was the first time my brother had suggested we go on a ghost hunt together and I would have been remiss to complain. Indeed, we had a wonderful time. Although most of the ghosts in the cemetery were old and decrepit, we still gave chase and had a tremendous time doing so. We hunted ghosts until dawn.

We relived our pursuits for a few days before my brother revealed a hypothesis he had created through observation. He told me of three haunted houses on one street in his small town. The street ran along a small stream. My brother hypothesized that water was somehow connected to paranormal activity. It was a glorious idea and I immediately plotted how we could test his proposal. First, I wanted to visit each of the three haunted houses to confirm they were indeed haunted. The first house was lived in by a young couple with no children and a single ghost they referred to as "The Boy". He was called such because it seemed as though he always wanted to play. The young husband's baseball and mitt were often moved from known locations. Giggling could be heard coming from the small second bedroom at night. It was an intriguing case and my brother and I were allowed entry into the home for investigation. It was a revelation. All night we chased "The Boy" from room to room. He created cold spots, moved small objects in rooms and even touched my brother. He was in front of us all night, yet out of reach.

The owners of the other two houses were not so welcoming. We could not investigate them, but we did observe paranormal phenomenon by peeking through windows late at night and by listening through walls.

I discussed with my brother the possibility that other homes on this street could be haunted and I told him that this could be the only way to confirm his hypothesis. So I visited three other houses on the street to inquire the residents therein about any paranormal happenings. Two dismissed me right away -- obviously under possession from the very ghosts I sought. The third home I was allowed inside, but after a brief conversation that unfortunately settled on my recent hospitalization (I believe my mind was compromised by a ghost) I was asked to leave. Though we were not allowed to investigate these homes, I believe I collected enough data to prove my brother's hypothesis. There is a connection between paranormal activity and water.

I arrived home this afternoon. Though tired from a long bus ride, I took only a small nap before waking to post. I am still so excited I doubt I will sleep much at all tonight.



  1. Thanks for sharing your story James. It is so nice that you and brother could bond over ghost hunting. It sounds like you had a wonderful time.....Julie

  2. I agree. My sister and I had an awkward time after losing our other sister and one of our brothers. We settled in at her kitchen table and I described my ghost hunting. We talked for hours about the things that happened growing up and she told me she thought her kitchen was having activity. I promised to bring my tools next time I visited. We had a bond we hadn't shared as adults. Normally,we just talked about the old days because we are vastly different. The stream is a very good hypothesis and I have the very same one. Our home was a Civil War field hospital and saw a lot of death, but it also was built atop of a hill with a stream running under it that fed our well that we drank from and the yard was filled with quartz and much of the basement was made with it. It was the right elements to be conducive for spirit activity. In fact, if you look up the top 10 most haunted places in America and plot them out on Mapquest, you can find that nearly every one is very close to water or railroad tracks (not sure about that one, perhaps the iron?) And lighthouses--one of the most haunted places are a combination of water, rock, circular shape, high electricity beacon, and a man whose job it was to constantly climb the stairs and light the light. That routine along with the elements is ideal for a recorded event of "residual" as many like to refer to it. Oh, and I agree with you about an old cemetery. I love old cemeteries for their headstones, but you need to go to a newer one where people visit and grieve. Newly decorated graves are usually very active as if the family's grief calls the spirit forward to investigate...