Countdown to the Publication of the Starlight Letters

Countdown to the Publication of the Starlight Letters

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hunted by Ghosts

I watched a particularly intriguing episode of Ghost Hunters last night. I must admit, I do prefer this group to the international group. One aspect of last night's episode that I could not shake from my mind has to do with electromagnetic frequency. One of the methods the teams use to debunk hauntings is the presence of man-made electromagnetic frequencies, such as that coming from wiring or other electric media. When such things are not present, electromagnetic frequencies (or EMF, as I am loath to call it), typically signify that a ghost is there.

My question about this hypothesis is: why does man-made electromagnetic frequency rule out the presence of ghosts? I should think that ghost hunters look in places where electromagnetic frequencies occur -- man-made or not. I imagine such places are swimming with spirits. Ghost hunters should then put away their electromagnetic frequency detectors and use other methods to ferret out ghosts.



  1. "Ghost hunters should then put away their electromagnetic frequency detectors and use other methods to ferret out ghosts"

    Then again, we have to consider what 'ghosts' or be it the human spirit consists of. After all, we must consider that everything is created from something so what's the fabric of the 'spirit' made of?

    All of the following is completely theoretical or just a possibility at best but....

    Why haven't we considered the possibility that the human spirit begins as something such as the geomagnetic field?

    As well, and with it's magnetic properties, what are the possibilities that our thoughts, memories and the pictures in our mind are laid down on such in a similar fashion as we apply movies to a VHS tape or music to cassette tape. Specific hormones that we secrete within the brain could simply be a photographic solution of sorts for all we know, which could be capable of laying our pictures and memories down on the field.

    There's a lot to be said for "out of the bowels of the earth". After all, that is where the geomagnetic field is created. Sure, a large portion of it wicks out and upwards a short distance beyond our atmosphere protecting us from solar flares but in of itself, it has no gravity.

    Separating us from the whole of things so that we're not part of such a field 'as a whole', there are again possibilities such as the fire in our body (central nervous system). It could be molding such in the form of the body. Possibly certain minerals we consume attach themselves to such a field as we grow while attracting it to a gravitational pull upon death keeping our feet planted on the soil and not becoming part of a solar flare blockade. :)

    After all, we should be looking for something we cannot see with the naked eye but yet exists. Magnetic fields and gravity are about all we have to work with. So the question would be, how does a Gauss meter affect the geomagnetic field that has gravitational properties in relation to an electromagnetic field?

    Consequently and outside of real EMF hits from household electricity, there is a secondary possibility that the Gauss meter could be recording the spirit itself, or be it ghost.

    Anyway, all theories of course but isn't it amazing how nobody ever considers them or even talks about such because everything must be created from 'something'.

    Food for thought is all.

  2. Very good point. I know that of my tools the EMF meter and the thermometer are really of little use because they do capture manmade situations and how can you discern? I use the feelings in the human body as a better gauge. We are set up to sense when something is about to happen. If ghosts drain batteries to show themselves, they could also pull from the house's constant electrical supply. Unless they hit the breaker switches, I'm not real impressed with EMF. The KII meter they use has me skeptical. I use one and it's never ever gone off without being held up to something electrical--right beside it. I noticed that only Jason and Grant use it which makes me wonder if they can set it off. I can't set off mine and I'm a person who can't wear watches and often sets off store alarms and such... I thought about it the season opener episode and they use a penny to hold down the KII's switch and so do I. Technically, if that penny isn't set in there right, it can move around and that makes the meter go on and off. When the meter first turns on, it lights up like crazy before it settles down. It's possible that makeshift switch is the cause. Still, I'd like to see Steve and Tango use the meter.

  3. I'm still a little skeptical about the electrical meters used on the shows. I know that most of the time they can trace the source of why their meters are lighting up or making any movement. You still can't beat good ol' fashion instinct. Good post James.