Countdown to the Publication of the Starlight Letters

Countdown to the Publication of the Starlight Letters

Friday, January 16, 2009


Many have come to assume that poltergeist activity is caused by a young woman who is near to having, or had recently had her first menstruation. They claim that the young woman is unaware she is causing the activity and that it is based on psychokinesis.

Hogwash! Poltergeist activity is caused by ghosts! Specifically, one recent, very strong apparition, or several ghosts at once. For the young woman hypothesis to be true, every single recorded poltergeist incident must be in a home occupied by a young woman. There are several cases where there was no girl living in or near the area of activity.

Some paranormal investigators who stumble upon a haunted location that is wrought with crashing objects and sliding furniture -- the kind of activity assigned to "poltergeists" -- correctly presume it is just a noisy ghost if there is no young woman present. But it is the same activity! The same investigator would blame the activity on a young woman were one living there, "typical poltergeist activity", they would say.

Hogwash! Hogwash! We walk through a world infested with ghosts. They are everywhere and cause all bad things to happen. They make you cut your chin as you shave; they make you yell at your daughter; they make the toast burn in the toaster; they bring Nurse Edna to me again and again; and they make your wife initiate an affair with a young man. Ghosts are our enemy.



  1. Brilliance, Dr. Starlight, sheer brilliance! I hadn't considered the smashing of crockery, tipping of canvases, levitating of furniture, fœtid odors with no prosaic explanation, unseen utterances, and telephones hurling themselves through the serene atmosphere of staid households (actually documented in photographs, it MUST be true) to be the strict domain of discarnates, rather than the telekinetic after-shocks caused by the onset of menarche in pubescent females, but you've inspired me to rethink things.

    Of course, a prolific contrinutor to AMAZING STORIES and other pulp magazines of the 40s throough the 50s, Richard S. Shaver, blamed poltergeist activity on deros, a mutant revenant from before the Noahnic Flood allegedly living underground! LOL! Can you imagine?!

    Where, good sir, can I acquire your book? It'd be a welcome addition to my library.

    Best wishes for advancing the field,
    Anadæ ( :-)}

  2. Thank you Anadae. To me, it is perfectly logical that if it is presumed that only coffee causes stomach cancer and a person who has never consumed coffee is diagnosed with stomach cancer, the whole premise is hogwash! The movie Poltergeist had it right, the movie An American Haunting did not.

    My tome, the Starlight Letters are as yet published. But I may publish small excerpts on this blog.