Countdown to the Publication of the Starlight Letters

Countdown to the Publication of the Starlight Letters

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Last night I learned a most difficult lesson. Ghosts can be very cunning. I slipped into the night to seek out ghosts in the local cemetery while my daughter was out for the evening. But, in retrospect, I was lured there by the very ghosts I was seeking. They toyed with me as if I were a child. Several times I felt as if I were close, and at times that I had them. But they were luring me further and further away. Time slipped away from me and soon it began to look light.

I was walking alongside Interstate 5 when a policeman pulled over in front of me. He asked a few vague questions that I believe I answered reasonably. But the ghosts persuaded him to arrest me. I was taken to jail where my daughter was summoned from an alcoholic slumber at an unreasonable hour to take me home. I don't believe they pressed any charges.

CAREFUL! I MUST BE CAREFUL. I will not forget this lesson. I will seek and search from the magical portal of the internet. I can summon, discover, and destroy them from here.

Although terribly upset, my daughter did release one gleam of hope. She said I should think about acquiring my own computer. But where to find the money to do so? I could sell my tome, the Starlight Letters. But they are more valuable than all the gold and diamonds in the world. No one could afford them.

I must come up with a plan.


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