Countdown to the Publication of the Starlight Letters

Countdown to the Publication of the Starlight Letters

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Call from the Past

My daughter's mother--my ex-wife--called today. Usually, she does not wish to share words with me, but today she requested a consult. It was difficult to hear her through the cellophane and over the terrible shrieking of ghosts that have controlled her since that fateful summer day. I did hear some of her words and there was a distinct point she attempted to make. She insisted that I was frightening our daughter and that I must act rationally.

It was the most absurd characterization I have ever heard. This coming from a woman who has been possessed since 1988. I did what any decent man would do in such a position, I politely requested to speak to the ghost that was controlling her. But the ghost did not wish to speak to me in his own voice. Instead, he unfurled a barrage of vile in the mask of her voice in an attempt to harm me. But I knew it was him and that I had pierced his defense. He was cornered and I lashed back. But he severed the connection before I could destroy him.

It was a battle I must learn from.


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