Countdown to the Publication of the Starlight Letters

Countdown to the Publication of the Starlight Letters

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back from the Brink

I do apologize for not writing in my blog sooner, but I was rather incapacitated. On April 23rd, I was involved in a car accident with a dear friend. He was driving and I was the passenger. He took a sharp corner at an unsafe speed and we slipped off the roadway, crashing into a tree -- not head-on, but with my door. And my arm. And my ribs. And my leg.

My good friend suffered only a few bruises. I, on the other hand, had broken my humerus in two places, cracked four ribs, deflated one lung, and fractured my femur. Unfortunately, I did not injure my head, so I was not granted an unconscious reprieve from the deep agony of my broken body. I have spent the past two months in traction and physical therapy, a whole new agony.

I am home now, under the watchful, caring eye of my daughter. And I have a new laptop from which I will continue to post on this blog. I will attempt to post at least once per week, working around physical therapy and the pain, of course.

Oh, I do not intend to be so melodramatic. I am alive. I survived the accident and my good friend who drove that fateful day is still my good friend. But he will never again be my chauffeur.

I had some experiences in the hospital that those who seeks ghosts might be interested. I shall post later this weekend.


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  1. oh, i didn't read this post first. so sorry for your accident. hope you heal quickly. i enjoyed your post on the Haunted Hospital; amazing experience.